The News Tribune: City of Puyallup completes purchase of Dead Man’s Pond for conservation

Although its eerie name suggests otherwise, Puyallup’s Dead Man’s Pond is home to many living things.

From black-tailed deer to blue herons and bald eagles, the pond acts as a home to local wildlife and is part of a larger area of forested wetlands nestled among Puyallup’s suburban developments. It’s also the headwaters of Clarks Creek.

“Places like Dead Man’s Pond are pretty rare in urban environments,” said Jordan Rash, conservation director for Forterra, a nonprofit dedicating to conserving land throughout counties in Washington state. “(The pond) is in such good shape.”

Now, 5 acres of the pond are under ownership of the city, which completed a $366,000 purchase of the parcel from Forterra in December.

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