Project Category: Conservation And Land Stewardship

Gold Creek Valley

Despite its beauty, the area’s unnatural construction intensifies the creek’s annual dry period, causing harm to the creek, the valley and the local ecology. In 2009, Forterra purchased 250 acres in Gold Creek Valley with grant funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) with the purpose of protecting endangered species and habitat.

At Home on the Land

Community land trusts and conservation land trusts strengthen each other through innovative strategies for owning land.

Port Gamble Shoreline

Kitsap Forest

A decade-long project that has now conserved 4,000 acres for recreation, restoration, cultural heritage and habitat, the Port Gamble Forest property includes 65 miles of trails where already more than 20,000 hikers, birders, mountain bikers, equestrians, cyclists and runners recreate each year. The property is now part of the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.

Windy Ridge, Forterra

Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge offers 640 acres of significant ecologic value including extensive tree canopy, old-growth forest, talus slopes, meadows and alpine lakes. Protected in 2019, Windy Ridge is part of decade-plus effort by Forterra to work with communities to conserve critical areas running from the Skykomish Valley near Stevens Pass to the Salish Sea at Everett.

Riparian Restoration – Knotweed

Forterra and partners are working with landowners to stop the spread of knotweed while reintroducing native plants. If you are a landowner living along one of the participating riparian buffers you can be part of this region-wide effort to restore healthy forests along our critical waterways. We may be able to install riverside trees and shrubs using grant funding, and will work collaboratively with you to design a planting plan that meets your needs.

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