The Seattle Times: Nearly half of local millennials consider moving as Seattle-area home costs soar again

The Seattle Times
By: Mike Rosenberg

Big housing-cost increases are taking a heavy toll on millennials throughout the Seattle area, which has retained its title as the hottest housing market in the country.

A new poll from a local nonprofit finds that 45 percent of millennials in the Puget Sound region think they will have to move somewhere cheaper to afford the life they want, even though nearly all would prefer to stay in the area.

Local young adults ranked housing costs as their biggest concern, beating out problems that older adults find more troubling, like traffic and homelessness (although older adults said housing costs were one of their most important issues, as well).

It’s not hard to see why. Single-family home prices across Greater Seattle grew 10.8 percent in December, the most of any region in the country, according to the monthly Case-Shiller home price index, released Tuesday.


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