The Best Day Hike Near Seattle

Seattle Magazine
By Roody Scheer

A hike to Lake Serene brings hard-earned rewards

Getting to Lake Serene might just be the best day hike in the world, given the mix of hearty exercise, conifer-tinged fresh air, sweeping views and, of course, the big payoff at the end: a dip in one of the prettiest alpine lakes you’ll ever see. And a recent campaign by the Seattle-based environmental group Forterra has saved the trees along the trail from the axe: Weyerhaeuser owned some of the land around the trail and was planning to initiate logging before environmentalists came in with enough money to purchase the parcels in question. Forterra’s success means we can keep enjoying this ultimate getaway as a tonic to our otherwise frenetic urban lives.

This article first appeared in the June 2018 print edition of Seattle Magazine. Read the full article online here.