Our Staff

We work out of offices in Seattle and Tacoma. But you’re just as likely to find us in Olympia, in communities across the region, in our forested lands and along our shorelines. Read more about us here and come join our team.

  • Alex Selvey

    Project Manager, Riparian Restoration

  • Ali Yeates Lakehart

    Program Manager - Green Cities

  • Alison Crowley

    Director Construction and Development

  • Andrew Shifflette

    IT Support Manager

  • Ash Lehto

    Stewardship Associate, AmeriCorps

  • Ashley Arhin

    Project Associate Community Development

  • Brittani Heitman

    HR Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

  • Charlie Vogelheim

    Green Cities Project Manager

  • Cheri Marusa

    Senior Director Community Development

  • Christine Stephens

    Riparian Restoration Fellow

  • Christopher Walter

    Geospatial Director

  • Collette MacLean

    Lands Manager

  • Dan Grausz

    Senior Director of Strategic Projects

  • Daniel Cuevas

    Community Stewardship Coordinator

  • Elby Jones

    Program Manager - Green Cities

  • Eli Tome

    Director of Riparian Restoration

  • Elizabeth Eitan

    Senior Development and Construction Manager

  • Everett Lawson

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Gene Duvernoy

    President & CEO Emeritus | Chair of Earth Day NW 2020

  • Hayley Edmonston

    Project Manager Business Development

  • Hillary Wilson

    Program Manager Business Development

  • Jackie Kettman-Thomas

    Interim Associate Director of Investor Relations

  • Jake Smith

    Senior Accountant

  • Jeff Dade

    Senior Project Manager Community Development

  • Jennifer Shin

    Vice President Philanthropy

  • Jessica Vu

    Project Manager, Innovations

  • Jillian Brown

    Creative Services Senior Project Manager

  • Joanna Nelson de Flores

    Managing Director Restoration & Stewardship

  • Julie Howe

    Director Real Estate Structuring

  • Justin Wilson

    Stewardship Associate, AmeriCorps

  • Kaitlin Hollander

    Accounting/HR Assistant

  • Kalee Snorden

    Stewardship Associate, AmeriCorps

  • Katherine Nechaeva

    Staff Accountant

  • Kevin Martinez

    Philanthropy Associate

  • Kristi England

    CRO/VP Strategic Projects

  • Lindsay Fromme Hanna

    Senior Director, Policy and Communities Programs

  • Mandy Gregory

    Board Liaison

  • Margaret M. Griffiths

    Interim Chief Financial Officer

  • Martina Jambrichova

    Director of Accounting and Finance, Strong Communities Funds

  • May Kiduo-England

    Accounting Manager

  • Maya Klem

    Green Cities Stewardship Coordinator

  • Melony Pederson

    Senior Construction & Development Manager

  • Michael Storace

    Project Manager, Conservation Transactions

  • Michelle Connor

    President & CEO

  • Nicholas Carr

    Director of the Chehalis Basin

  • Nick Bratton

    Senior Director of Policy

  • Nicole Marcotte

    Green Cities Project Manager

  • Olgy Diaz

    Government Affairs Director

  • Paula Wrzecionowska

    Event Manager

  • Rafael Saucedo

    Senior Corporate Relations Manager

  • Raymond Han

    Director Real Estate Finance

  • Rebecca Schwartzman

    Project Manager, Innovations

  • Rebecca Wold Bouchey

    Managing Director Community Development

  • Ryan Walker

    Program Manager, Conservation Transactions

  • Sarah Sanborn

    Senior Communications Manager

  • Skip Swenson

    Vice President, Policy & Programming

  • Sue Badgley

    Staff Accountant

  • Susan Grelock Yusem, PhD

    VP Communications & Marketing

  • Susan Melrose

    Senior Project Manager, Community Development

  • Tim Sandoval

    Project Manager Business Development

  • Tobias Levey

    Vice President of Real Estate Transactions

  • Valerie Gray

    Executive Assistant to the President | Director of Administration

  • Waylon Robert

    Project Manager, Transactions Construction & Development

  • Yolanda Altamirano

    Marketing Specialist