What We Do


How we use our land creates our future.

People like you have helped create a more sustainable future for all by making it possible for us to secure more than 275,000 acres in over 450 land transactions since 1989.

The things we love about living in the Northwest depend on land—local food at the farmer’s market, parks and green spaces, neighborhood community gardens, affordable housing near transit, hiking trails to beautiful peaks and unparalleled wilderness.


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View of Mt, Rainier from Keechelus Ridge
Photo by Charlie Raines
  • Conservation

    Forterra acts quickly to acquire land for good. We act strategically for critical ecosystems and consider the many ways land supports regional wellbeing, including economic opportunity, affordable housing, and city parks. Some of our work moves quickly to ensure community and conservation assets aren’t lost, while other efforts have taken over a decade. Some are grand, like the 50,000-acre Teanaway Community Forest, and others, such as slivers of Puget Sound shoreline, are small but strategic.

  • Restoration

    Forterra helps restore forested public lands across the region and manages nearly 17,000 acres of Forterra-owned land and easements. Our riparian restoration team is actively working along six of our region’s most important rivers and streams and, with our Evergreen Carbon Capture (ECC) program, we’ve planted thousands of trees each year. Year-round, Forterra’s innovative Green City Partnerships program activates volunteers to steward beloved neighborhood green spaces.

  • Community

    Our work has always involved community-based partnerships — and those connections have only deepened over the years. We look for ways to help communities grow equitably within their existing footprint and, with our decades of experience in real estate, development, and coalition building, we find innovative ways to provide housing, jobs, and other opportunities to build wealth and support community wellbeing.

  • Innovation

    Across our conservation, restoration, and community work, we look for innovative ways to do the most good. How can we create new tools and strategies to help solve our region’s most pressing needs? What new policies, funding mechanisms, or conservation tools can we develop? Are there fresh ways to apply existing strategies, like cooperatives and social impact funds, to maximize collective benefits — and equity?

Where We Work

Forterra's work stretches from the farmland and river canyons of Yakima all the way to the estuaries and forests of Washington’s coastline.

For over 30 years we’ve been bringing about powerful, practical and positive change by conducting land transactions, stewarding land, engaging communities and conceiving and advancing forward-thinking policies.

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