green city partnerships

A network dedicated to protecting our forested parks, natural areas and communities.

A community-based solution focusing on stewardship of our urban forests & parks

Healthy forested parks and green spaces have the power to strengthen neighborhoods, provide safe access to nature and offer numerous benefits to our cities. A coordinated regional effort, Green City Partnerships, restores and cares for our urban parks. Working today to protect and enhance the many benefits these forests and natural areas provide.
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tackling a growing problem

In 2004, the Green City Seattle Partnership was founded in response to many of our parks and natural areas being infested with invasive plants, preventing a new generation of trees from growing. Forterra and the City of Seattle recognized the opportunity to drive change and increase community benefit by working together to restore and maintain Seattle’s 2,500 acres of forested parkland.

a regional network

Building on the success of the Green Seattle Partnership,  similar community-based stewardship programs were founded around the region – creating a network of 14 Green Cities. Together they log over 115,000 volunteer hours at more than 1000 events each year.

green city partnership goals

  • Improve the quality of life, connections to nature, and enhance forest benefits in cities by restoring our forested parks and natural areas
  • Galvanize an informed and active community
  • Ensure long-term sustainable funding and community support

Restoring our urban parks requires coordinated effort

Green Cities Partnerships bring together thousands of community volunteers, local governments, businesses to create a sustainable network of healthy forested parks and natural areas throughout the region, helping urban communities in the Puget Sound region effectively steward their natural open spaces.

find your green city

Find your Green City

Local municipalities work to develop achievable goals, shared visions, long-term plans and community-based stewardship programs to care for the valuable forests and natural areas in our urban environments.

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The Green Cities Partnership advances the stewardship of our urban forests and parks. Explore information, tools, and best practices for the stewarding of our lands and communities.

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