Cross Laminated Timber

Cross laminated timber (CLT) has the potential to address issues from how we reduce greenhouse gas emissions by sequestering carbon in buildings with responsibly-sourced materials to offering economic opportunity for our rural towns.

CLT at UBC Brock commons
Photo by: Leda Chahim

Why CLT?

Washington’s urban communities are among the fastest growing in the nation. The Puget Sound communities along the I-5 corridor represent an international economic hub home to strong industry clusters such as aerospace, information technology, and health sciences. Consequently, the Puget Sound region is expected to continue to grow in employment and population into the foreseeable future. As a region dependent upon its surroundings for resources, energy, clean water, and natural services such as flood protection, we need to manage future population growth in a manner ensuring economic, social, and environmental resilience. Housing people and jobs within our existing cities and towns will increasingly be an important strategy if the region is to succeed in maintaining its quality of life and high functioning environment.

At the same time, the national economic recession hit Washington’s forest communities hard, adding to the challenges of 20-year declines in the timber industry. If rural timber communities are to flourish in the future, they need opportunities to rebuild robust economies resilient to economic and political change.

Linking the needs and well-being of these areas would be highly beneficial to communities and ecosystems.

CLT buildings designed and built in our cities with products milled in our forest communities represents an opportunity to create this linkage. CLT is a significant product in terms of our mission for a host of reasons. From sustaining the commercial value of our forests, to strengthening the economy of rural America, to sustainable construction and carbon sequestration. This is a tool that offers opportunities for all.

As a result, Forterra is coordinating an effort with stakeholders to develop a coordinated strategy to catalyze a CLT market in Washington state. Learn more about the summit we convened to advance CLT and other mass timber products.

2016-clt-summit-brochure-pg1Interested in learning more about the innovative CLT work being pioneered?

Read our guide to cross-laminated timber here.

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