Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.

—Gary Snyder, writer and activist

Forterra's Beach Party at Little Skookum Inlet at Port Blakely Tree Farms in Shelton, Washington
Danny Ngan
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When you support the work of Forterra, you support real investments making permanent impact to sustain this place for future generations. We’ve permanently conserved 250,000 acres of land and improved the quality of life for people in over 94 communities. With your support we can continue to deliver. For over 25 years we’ve been intimately involved in shaping and maintaining the region we love.

Without you, this wouldn’t be true. Thank you.


Boy tossing stones at Forterra's Little Skookum Inlet beach party 2014
Photo by Danny Ngan
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    Learn more about the many ways you can maximize your philanthropic giving and help meet your financial goals through gift planning. Please contact Lila Trowbridge to learn more about how a planned gift can help protect this place. And if you’ve already included Forterra in your will or estate plans, please let us know—we want to say thank you!

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    What Forterra does and how we do it is profoundly impacted by our partners—leaders in building a sustainable region for all. Join us in making transformative change in our region.

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We’re diligent about investing your donation wisely and effectively. We monitor and evaluate our programs and conduct regular financial audits. You trusted us with your support; we throw the door open and show you what we do with it.

Mitigate Your Carbon Footprint

Created on request from Pearl Jam to help mitigate the carbon footprint of their 2009/10 world tour, Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture provides an opportunity to address the accelerating issues of climate change, right here in our own backyard.

Now it’s your turn.

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  • Individuals

    Regardless of how simple a lifestyle we may lead, each one of us inevitably contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change. In fact, the average American contributes 28.2* tons of CO2 per year to the atmosphere. With Evergreen Carbon Capture, it takes just five minutes to pay the Earth back.

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  • Businesses & Organizations

    Participating organizations reduce their impact globally while investing in the health of our local community. Members demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and gain exposure to people who care about the health and overall well-being of our planet.

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Forterra depends on dedicated volunteers to keep this place we call home special. This could mean getting your hands dirty in a restoration project, serving as a community leader implementing Forterra’s sustainability initiatives, putting your professional expertise to work, advocating in support of progressive regional planning policies or taking a year long role as a volunteer Forest Steward. 

We’d love to help you find a role that’s a match.

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