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This Place

Forterra secures places—urban, rural and wild—that are keystones of a sustainable future for all.

From wildlands and working farms and forests, to places in the city for affordable housing, parks and the arts, we work simultaneously across all landscapes because they are interconnected. And ultimately people and lands must all thrive together.

Our Work

Save the Port Gamble Forest

A forest three times the size of New York’s Central Park is at risk of being sectioned into 20 acre plots which, if sold, would cause the forest to become fragmented, increasing development and limiting public access.

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We believe hearing from the voices of our region is vital, which is why we surveyed


millennials to hear their thoughts on livability, sustainability and affordability in Puget Sound.

The survey includes a collection of video interviews as well as a detailed poll whose results we will be releasing in waves throughout the fall and early winter.

Meet the Millennials

"I just hope we don't lose the history, we don't lose what the Central Area was built on."

We may not agree about all the change that is happening but we’d argue we agree on what we value in Seattle. So here it is in this issue of Ampersand: unique neighborhood locales, the working class, wildlife, artists, affordable housing and beautiful open spaces where we can play and grow things. This is Issue 5 of Ampersand Magazine: The Urban Issue

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How Forterra Stands Up For This Place

How You Can Stand Up For This Place