Community Restoration Grant Awarded to EarthCorps

Forterra is proud to announce that it is awarding a Community Restoration Grant to EarthCorps based in Seattle. EarthCorps aims to cultivate leaders and community partnerships to advance environmental justice.

In collaboration with local high school students and student interns, teachers, schools, neighbors, and community partners, EarthCorps will use this grant funding to co-develop and implement a calendar of outdoors activities, student forest restoration projects, and trail maintenance routines behind Thorndyke Elementary School in Tukwila. Ultimately, EarthCorps strives to restore the trail and surrounding forested lands to reduce pollution in the local community as well as a creek that flows into the Green River.

These efforts will be supported by 20 student interns, who will learn about environmental justice, restoration, and community projects, while improving tree canopy, enhancing forest health, reducing pollutants entering the creek, and promoting climate resiliency.

Congratulations to EarthCorps! We are so grateful for the work you do.

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