transfer of development rights

Supporting growth in places where it is desired while conserving natural areas.

redirecting development to permanently protect land

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) is a market-based mechanism that promotes growth while conserving working forest, prime agricultural and natural areas. TDR provides private landowners the option to sell the development rights from their property to developers through a TDR marketplace – helping conserve their land long-term. Developers in towns and cities within the urban growth area can purchase TDR credits to facilitate greater height or density, gaining additional value for their projects.

benefits of tdr

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) uses the market to generate private funding for land conservation, helping to augment and leverage available public funds and programs. Zoning regulations can change over time, with TDR the property is permanently protected and allows resource uses to continue. Focusing development in areas with existing infrastructure capacity, TDRs can reduce a region’s infrastructure and services costs, and more efficiently accommodate growth.

forterra TDR Activities

Forterra works to design and implement TDR programs at the regional, county and city level. We partnered to develop customized-TDR programs throughout the region, including programs in Pierce, Snohomish, Kittitas and Kitsap Counties as well as the cities of Seattle, Issaquah, Sammamish, Tacoma, Bellevue and Mountlake Terrace. To date, Forterra and partners have helped to create the largest transfer of development rights program in the country.

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