Community Informed Development

Roslyn city

Roslyn, Washington

In partnership with the Roslyn Planning Advisory Team, the larger community, and other community stakeholders, Forterra is exploring how to develop a 30-acre parcel in a way that reflects Roslyn’s history and the community’s desire to live sustainably.

Wadajir Market Rendering Forterra

Wadajir Residences and Souq

In partnership with Abu Bakr Islamic Center and the community, Wadajir is community-driven development that will establish affordable housing and an International Market in Tukwila.

The town of Hamilton today

Hamilton, WA

Forterra has purchased a 48-acre upland parcel for a new neighborhood (“Hamilton Center”). Together with Hamilton residents we’ll work to create a design that embodies sustainability and honors the town’s rich history, culture, and natural assets.

Hilltop, Tacoma, Forterra

Hilltop, Tacoma

The Community is mobilizing its will to reclaim the block at 1105 MLK with Black culture and businesses at the forefront. In partnership, Fab-5 and Forterra are working together with Hilltop families for community-inspired development and community-driven design.

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