Green Snoqualmie Partnership

The Green Snoqualmie Partnership continues the region's forest legacy and invites people of all ages to get outside, have fun and engage in helping restore our green spaces.

Green Snoqualmie Day 2017
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Ways to get involved

Care for your land

Whether you are caring for the land you live on or you are enjoying the natural areas in Snoqualmie, you can help care for, or steward, our community’s forested landscape every day. Check out this guide to see how residents and visitors of Snoqualmie can be a good land steward:

Being a Good Land Steward in Snoqualmie

Interested in making your Snoqualmie-area home a little more forest-friendly? Consider landscaping with native plants! Check out this guide for plant recommendations on good native options for yards, including recommendations for native replacements of common landscape plants that can escape yards and naturalize as weeds in local forested areas:

Landscaping with Native Plants in Snoqualmie
Volunteer at a restoration event

Come get your hands dirty, meet other members of the community, and make a difference where you live! Volunteer events are available year round for people of all ages and ability levels. Our volunteers dig in by removing aggressive weeds, planting native trees and shrubs, mulching, watering, and helping to ensure natural open spaces stay healthy. We need your help to reach our goals—join us at a work party.

If you are under 18 and will not be accompanied by a supervising adult/parent/guardian, you will need to bring the Youth Waiver Release Form signed by your parent/guardian to the event.

Become a Forest Steward

If you want to make an impact on the natural open space you care about most consider becoming a Forest Steward. You will receive valuable free training in restoration and maintenance techniques, volunteer management, project implementation, and much more. Are you interested in becoming a Forest Steward? Contact us.

Become a Supporter

If getting your hands dirty is not for you, consider sponsoring Green Snoqualmie Partnership efforts, whether through donations or through spreading the word. The success of this program relies on support from Snoqualmie’s community members.

If you are interested in becoming a community supporter, helping with logistics at events, doing outreach for the partnership, and promoting upcoming events, please contact us. Even coming out to a volunteering event to provide freshly baked cookies for volunteers is a welcome way to support our efforts.

Every gift large and small makes a difference. In-kind donations, funding key pieces of work, and bringing employees out to work parties are just a few ways to help. Making a gift allows us to restore parks and green spaces, plant thousands of trees across Snoqualmie’s forested parks, give schools an outdoor classroom, and more. Every contribution helps create a healthier, greener city for all.


If you are a business and would like to be part of this amazing effort, please contact us.

About the Green Snoqualmie Partnership

Formed in 2016, the Green Snoqualmie Partnership is a coordinated effort to restore and care for over 900 acres of Snoqualmie’s forested parks and natural areas. The Partnership is building a sustainable network of healthy natural open spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations.

Why this is important

Natural open spaces provide essential ecological services and social benefits to our community like reduced storm water runoff, improved water and air quality, stronger property values and attractive communities, reduced greenhouse gases, increased habitat for native wildlife, and improved quality of life.

Snoqualmie’s natural open spaces face the same kinds of pressures and problems as many urban forests throughout the region. Aggressive invasive weeds blanket the understory, climb into trees, and prevent new trees and shrubs from growing. Without restoration, these conditions threaten the many services and benefits these natural open spaces provide. We remove invasive plants, plant native trees and shrubs, and monitor natural open spaces over time. The Green Snoqualmie Partnership hosts multiple volunteer events throughout the year making it easy for you to get involved.

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Contact us

Please contact us by email or by phone at (425) 238-0065.