Sandwiches for Good. Land for Good. 

Changing the food system so future generations can live in greater harmony with the earth.

We call ourselves an “unconventional land trust” because we don’t just focus on protecting rural open space. We look across our urban and rural landscapes to find the connections between people and land, to connect people to nature, to grow our cities and towns in healthy ways, both for people and the land. We develop innovative programs that have an environmental and social impact. 

Our friends at Homegrown are similar – they are an unconventional restaurant. They don’t just sell sandwiches, salads and grain bowls. They want to change the food system, so our communities are healthier now and into the future. Homegrown is focused on reducing their impact – everything from the interior design of their stores to compostable packing to the food they serve. One example is their partnership with the farm in Woodinville that supplies their restaurants with local, seasonal produce. This partnership also provides them an opportunity to teach their partners about sustainable agriculture.  

You might say Homegrown believes in Sandwiches for Good

We both understand the importance of our connection to the land, and that to support our communities into the future we need to protect our land and reduce our impact on it. We are thrilled to have a longstanding relationship with Homegrown. And it gets even better – this year (like last year) Homegrown is donating 10% of all café sales on Earth Day (Friday, April 22) to Forterra! It’s a win-win-win: Celebrate Earth Day, get a tasty sandwich or bowl and support Forterra and our Land for Good campaign!

Visit one of Homegrown’s nine locations in Seattle or on the East Side on Friday, April 22! 

Want to take the next step? Donate right now to ensure we have the resources we need to keep on conserving land for climate, for community, for good.  

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