Earth Day- 5 Ways to Invest in Your Planet Today

Join us in celebrating Earth Month by making a positive impact in your community today.

Written by Forterra Staff

April is in full bloom and there are so many ways to celebrate the land and natural resources that support us, and put extra energy into caring for them. Each Earth Day, organizations and individuals around the world make commitments to reduce our impact – whether it’s reducing our water and energy use, planting trees, reducing waste, and more. In honor of this year’s theme we’re sharing 5 ways we can start investing in the Planet right now: be mindful, nurture your community, become an ambassador, create a sustainable workplace and sustain your efforts (long-term). 

  1. Be Mindful – Regardless of how simple a lifestyle we lead, each one of us contributes to the pollution that drives the climate crisis. Did you know that the average American contributes 28.2 tons of CO2 per year? Explore what activities are contributing to your carbon footprint and partner with Forterra through our ECC program today to offset your footprint.  
  2. Nurture your Community – Urban forests are diverse natural systems that support our long-term health and well-being. Restoring and maintaining healthy forests in our cities can help address longstanding disparities of environmental and social equity It takes everyday stewardship and cooperation for forests within our cities to flourish. Every year, partners in Forterra’s Green City Partnership program host more than 1,000 stewardship events, and volunteers contribute more than 115,000 hours helping forests in our cities become healthier and happier places to be. Ready to nurture your community? Explore our event calendar. 
  3. Become an Ambassador – Advocate for good policy, spread awareness, inspire others (the more you understand, the more you can inspire) and make sure you sign up for Forterra’s newsletter so that we can keep you updated on what’s happening for our lands and our communities! 
  4. Create a Sustainable Workplace – Did you know that many companies will match their employees’ donations to organizations like Forterra or offer allotted volunteer time? This can result in double or even triple the impact for each person on your team! Forterra can help you customize your workplace program, including helping foster an employee culture of giving back while supporting the ecosystems and communities of Washington. Ready to create a more sustainable workplace? Explore our corporate partnership program. 
  5. Sustain your Efforts – This year Forterra doubled down on our commitment to addressing the climate crisis. Tackling the climate crisis – commit to educating your friends and family, volunteering with organizations like Forterra and our partners, and learn more about how you can reduce your impact. If you are ready to take the next step, become a monthly donor with Forterra!
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