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Maximizing social and environmental equity and community self-determination.

the health of our environment and communities are naturally interconnected

The health of the environment and the health of people is grounded in how land is developed, owned and managed. Forterra not only conserves natural spaces and working lands, we also invest in places where people live – because just like nature, our health depends on it.
Tukwila Community Center
Hilltop Community Project Forterra
Roslyn Downtown

serving the needs and values of those who live here

Forterra uses its real estate expertise to help communities maintain what’s special about their neighborhoods, protect cultural connections, maintain places for local businesses and create opportunities for affordable housing. We work in partnership with communities towards solutions with a shared-understanding of capacity, interests, project goals and challenges. 

Town of Hamilton Sign


Working collaboratively with the Town of Hamilton, with an aim to help people and salmon thrive, Forterra has purchased a 48-acre upland parcel. Forterra is pursuing a development approach that will  give the town room for new homes outside of the floodplain and offer an opportunity for some interested residents to move out of harm’s way but stay local. Forterra is pursuing this neighborhood development in tandem with efforts to buy-out homes in the floodplain in order to restore the Skagit River – key to threatened Chinook salmon and orca populations.

Hillltop Project


Invited in by the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma, Forterra facilitated the reclamation of an entire city block at 1105 MLK, with Black culture and businesses at the forefront of our concerns. The Strong Communities Funds have purchased the property and are seeking qualified developers capable of addressing needs of Hilltop community members for housing and community spaces.

Roslyn Downtown Forterra


The Roslyn Downtown Association reached out to Forterra about an opportunity to purchase the historic #4 Mine site, untouched since the ‘70s, for its potential to support affordable housing, community green space and wetlands restoration. Forterra is working to enable affordable housing while also protecting and celebrating the living cultural connections of the town and of the Yakama Nation to this land.

A rendering of what Wadajir could look like, built with Cross Laminated Timber.


The Abu Bakr Islamic Center turned to Forterra for help in buying an old motel across from their mosque – seeing the opportunity for an inclusive development in Tukwila. Through Strong Communities Fund I, Forterra purchased the property and is now exploring with Abu Bakr how to enable development of affordable housing and micro-retail space.

Hilltop Community RiteAid

building trust through transparency

The urgency and impact of Forterra’s mission demands that we set audacious goals.


Our commitment to the communities we serve demands that we take the humility to acknowledge when we must find practical solutions to move ahead.


In striking the balance between audacity and humility, we’ve sometimes made mistakes.


Our commitments to mission and to the people we are privileged to work alongside, demand of us the courage to listen to our stakeholders and to seek out community wisdom.


Our aspirations to protect land for good challenge us to own our mistakes, seek to make amends, and continue to grow.

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