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In 2016, Forterra began working with Bear Creek residents to control invasive knotweed and restore healthy streamside forests. Through a grant-funded program designed to assist river-side landowners in specific areas with invasive weed control and revegetation. The program worked to improve or enhance water quality and wildlife habitat while preserving landowner landscape preferences.

Rivers and streams need more trees and shrubs growing along their banks to cool down the water during summer (improving salmon habitat) and hold onto the soil during flooding in the winter. Trees and shrubs create a wildlife buffet by growing flowers for bees, berries for birds, and leaves for insects. Our Planting Partners help streams become healthier in their own backyards and get to enjoy a beautiful natural space, too.

Thanks to the support and participation of our project partners and friends at Water Tenders, WRIA 8, King County, Adopt-A-Stream and City of Redmond and based on the high level of interest and community involvement in 2017, the project moved into knotweed control work.


Knotweed (polygonum spp.) is a bamboo-like, non-native plant that wreaks havoc on properties and ecosystems. Once established, knotweed forms dense stands that crowd out native vegetation and clog small waterways, increasing bank erosion and lowering the quality of riparian habitat for fish and wildlife. Knotweed treatment typical takes several years to be successful.

Forterra partnered with communities along Bear Creek, focused on a long-term plan to manage invasive plants and restore salmon habitat throughout this critical waterway.

If you are a landowner along Bear Creek, you can be part of this region-wide effort to restore healthy forests along our critical waterways. Explore the resources to learn more.


Forterra partnered with landowners to stop the spread of knotweed on Bear Creek to improve and enhance water quality and wildlife habitat while preserving landowner landscape preferences.


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Live along Bear Creek? Because knotweed spreads so easily, participation from landowners is essential for effective control. The link below directs to a form which provides Forterra permission to survey, treat, and monitor knotweed on your property for a chosen duration of time at no cost to you.


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