Working with a range of rural community leaders and residents, we envision vibrant town centers, access to locally grown food, and new opportunities for economic growth and development based in our rural communities.

From FEMA Red Tagged to Triple Net Zero?

An excerpt from the upcoming Forterra history book, Land for Good: Strengthening Communities and Ecosystems Through Extraordinary Collaborations in the Pacific Northwest


Episode #1: The Farmer on Speed Dial

Hear what it’s like to evacuate hundreds of sheep off of a flooding farm and listen to Linda’s flood evacuation love story on this episode of Rooted: Where We Stand.

Kathy Wolf, Hiking

Episode #3: The Tree Whisperer, in Full

Kathy Wolf shares how trees affect our physical and mental health, how just a few minutes in nature can positively impact us, and what she would do with a magic wand that could change our world. 

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