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Healthy forested parks and green spaces have the power to strengthen neighborhoods, provide safe access to nature and offer numerous benefits and “green services“ to our cities.  Without the coordinated regional effort of the Green City Partnerships to restore and care for our urban parks, we are at risk of losing the many benefits these forests and natural areas provide.


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Interested in having a greater impact? Become a Habitat Steward where you will adopt a site, help plan restoration and management, and lead volunteer events! Email for more information.

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Green Tacoma Partnership

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About the Green Tacoma Partnership

Formed in 2005, the Green Tacoma Partnership is a public-private venture between the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks Tacoma, Forterra, Citizens for a Healthy Bay, Pierce Conservation District, businesses, other non-profits and community members. The Partnership works to engage the Tacoma community in the restoration and maintenance of viable, healthy green spaces by connecting stewardship groups, providing resources and trainings and organizing public outreach. For Tacoma’s residents, working together for a common cause in a local green space is a great way to build community. A community of connected, educated and engaged volunteers is the backbone of a strong, healthy and beautiful Green Tacoma.

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