To save only one part of this place
is to save none of it

The connection between humans and nature is indisputable. Less so are the connections between our natural, built and social worlds. But for us, this inherent interconnection is the key to unlocking solutions to a healthy and resilient region. Using land as our grounding to create and partner on the most effective projects to sustain our place, we apply our skills and experience to the challenges through this prism of this connectivity. What started out as a land conservation organization 25 years ago has today become a design-and-build non-profit; one that both designs land-centered, innovative solutions to the issues and implements them on the ground.


Whether in the forest or in urban centers, we recognize the need to save more than just museum pieces of land. Equally necessary is the conservation of habitat, working lands, and open spaces that support the health and well-being of all.

We save what matters

Whether it takes 10 days or 10 years, we get it done by being collaborative and tenacious. It took ten years for Forterra to facilitate the conservation of 50,272 acres in the Teanaway River Valley—Washington’s largest conservation transaction in more than 45 years.

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Forterra has permanently protected


acres to date

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Healthy, vibrant cities are key to addressing population growth and climate change. For us this means working with local communities and partners to drive policies promoting livable cities that can accommodate our growing numbers while maintaining a good quality of life for all residents. It also means restoring and maintaining urban green spaces and envisioning new uses for properties on which healthy, green mixed-use projects can be built close to transit corridors and town centers.

We get creative

If the tools we need don’t exist, we make them. In 2011, we developed and guided through the State Legislature The Landscape Conservation and Local Infrastructure Program—LCLIP is a state law that creates incentives to support vibrant city neighborhoods while encouraging rural conservation.

Policy Innovation

LCLIP is expected to generate additional revenues of nearly


for community infrastructure in Seattle alone, while conserving 250,000 acres of farm & forest.

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To solve nature’s problems we must address our human problems and to solve our human problems, we must look to nature. A sustainable region safeguards our people as well as our landscapes, providing access to the basics for a good quality of life to all its members while respecting the needs of nature. It means engaging and empowering communities at all levels to make their neighborhoods healthier and stronger, while recognizing the social value of certain properties.

We aim for win-win

In Tukwila we’ve been working with the City and its residents to create an enduring, desirable and equitable community for all its members. We’ve supported community planning processes, developed and implemented a program to connect underrepresented communities to the City, conserved open space and built a community garden. And we’re not done yet.

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Forterra has engaged meaningfully with 94 communities, impacting

5 million

people across Washington State.