Land for communities and conservation, people and place.

we believe in land for good

We act strategically for critical ecosystems and consider the many ways land supports wellbeing, including economic opportunity and affordable housing, vibrant communities and recreational opportunities, working farms and forests and critical habitat. Some of our work moves quickly to ensure community and conservation assets aren’t lost, while other efforts take more than a decade.

Some are grand, like the 50,000-acre Teanaway Community Forest and others, such as slivers of Puget Sound shoreline are small but strategic. We do this by bringing unparalleled expertise and track record in aligning public and private partners towards voluntary conservation solutions. We do this because we believe in Land for Good.

Port Gamble Forterra Forest
Aerial farmland forest
Teanaway Farm

impactful, innovative solutions

Every minute in the United States, suburban sprawl overtakes four acres of productive farm, forest and open lands. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it doesn’t have to be that way. Forterra provides landowners a suite of opportunities to conserve their land. Whether your property is composed of important waterways and shoreline, working farm or forest land, or urban, rural, or wild landscapes and habitat, Forterra employs creative and innovative tools tailored to your land and goals.
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forterra as a long-term owner

Forterra has conserved more than 275,000 acres of community, habitat and recreational land to date. We currently manage more than 17,000 acres and are dedicated to the stewardship of these properties. We work with collaboratively with landowners, neighbors and third parties to conserve the land’s unique natural assets over the long-term.

Matlock Farm Forterra

conservation easements

Conservation easements are voluntary legal agreements between a landowner and Forterra, permanently limiting uses of the land to protect its conservation values. Forterra works to ensure the land is protected in perpetuity – regardless of ownership changes. Forterra staff monitor each easement annually, enforce the easement terms and provide counsel to landowners to ensure they understand their responsibilities.
Port Gamble Shoreline

Forterra as a Critical Facilitator

Leveraging our land expertise and operational resources, Forterra can help to facilitate and broker complex transactions. We work cooperatively and employ a wide range of innovative financing and funding mechanisms towards conservation acquisitions, land use planning, watershed assessment, community development, buy-and-hold, transaction facilitation and other conservation services

Oak forest Yakima

Forterra as a Partner with the Tribes of Washington

For those landowners wishing to contribute their lands back to the stewardship of the Tribes of Washington, we work with multiple Tribes on conservation. Donations to registered Tribes may have similar tax benefits as donations to nonprofit organizations.
Hancock Creek View Old Growth

2022 highlighted project

Forterra and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources teamed up and successfully conserved 40 acres of old-growth forest in the Central Cascades along Hancock Creek. This property, now included in the Mt. Si Natural Resources Conservation Area, will conserve late successional forests that support habitat for threatened and endangered species. 

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